Australia Awards – Cambodia

Recipients with Families

The Australian Government does not provide any financial or other support for the dependants of recipients.

Applicants must identify at the scholarship application stage if they intend to bring family members with them to Australia.

Recipients are responsible, including financially, for their family members who accompany them to Australia.

Recipients are not permitted to leave their dependent children, under 18 years of age, on their own during recipients’ absence from Australia, during their scholarship without arranging a legal guardian to care for them.

Recipients who intend to bring family with them are strongly encouraged to come to Australia on their own for at least the first six months. This will allow the recipient to attend the Introductory Academic Program and become established in their program of studies without the distraction of family responsibilities.

Recipients may contact the Student Contact Officer at their institution for information about accommodation, as well as schooling and child care for dependants. They should contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for information about current visa requirements for accompanying family. Visit for details.